Rock n roll dance lessons on the Gold Coast and fun social dancing.


We no longer teach face to face.

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED and we have changed with it.

Before COVID, MONKEY POX and other diseases. We used to meet at a hall, shake hands, then do lessons and get people to change partners.

NOW those who do that have shown that they are spreading not only COVID but other undesirable diseases.

Shake hands is physical contact, changing partners is physical contact, being in the same room and people who cough is no longer the thing to do.


You want to learn how to dance, right?

We have developed a high quality 2 DVD sets with the help of a green screen at movie world.

It contains the entire course of Rock n Roll dance lessons.

NOW you can learn how to dance by highly respected dance teachers in your own lounge room. But first:

Let’s look at the costs.

If you choose to go to a dance school

$15 per week for two people = $30.

Some have a 4 week course so $30 X 4 = $120.

Petrol is expensive now so say $5 per visit is another $20.

Because it is impossible to remember all the moved in 4 weeks you have to go back and re do them. So than is another $120 plus petrol of $20.

So far that adds up to $280.00


Purchase both DVD’s and learn at home with costs you a total of $60 with FREE postage. And you have the entire set to go over any time you like.

NOW this is a no Brainer.

* Save heaps of money.

* Avoid all those diseases.

* Learn with your partner at home.

* When you are ready, go to the local RSL etc and dance.

Social outings like Mystery Car Trips, Boat Trips, BBQs, Camping, Wine tours & Theatre etc. Get to meet new friends.

Being the holder of 14 Australian Dance titles & Australian & Asia Pacific Dance Champions, Peter and Lyn from Coast to Coast rock ‘n’ roll would love to share and pass on their expertise to you.

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Contact: Lyn
Ph: 07 5529 6244 or Mob: 0402 401 081